what we do

Drieborg bv is an internationally operating plastic recycling company that has been involved in the recycling of PVC, PS, PP, EPVC and SPVC for more than 30 years.

Together with its partners, Drieborg BV recycles soft and hard PVC into high-quality granulate or regrind.
This PVC granulate or regrind is used for the production of PVC pipes, hoses, profiles, mats and PVC sheets (both hard and soft).

We buy PVC residual stocks and production waste (both soft and hard PVC), such as cable waste, PVC profiles, chunks and PVC foils, etc.
We collect your PVC plastics and ensure 100% recycling. Partly because of this, you ensure less art waste and a cleaner world.

We also pay excellent prices for your plastics and pay your invoice within 8 days of receipt.

If you can offer EPVC or SPVC / hard or soft PVC, please contact us
If you are looking for PVC granulates or regrind, we would like to hear from you!

In addition to PVC, we also buy PP (polypropylene) waste and PS (polystyrene), which we have processed into high-quality raw materials in the same way.

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